Health Benefits of Drinking Juice (along with eating healthy food)

First let's be clear that by juice, we are not talking about the typical orange or mango-pineapple juice from the grocery store which has been:

  • heat-treated
  • sweetened with refined sugar
  • fortified with added minerals
  • injected with colours and preservatives to keep it fresh for weeks in transport trucks and on shelves in stores.

No – we are strictly talking about juice made from a juicer or freshly squeezed from a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables that is made preferably just before drinking, and is as pure as the produce it took to make it.

Benefits of Drinking Fresh-Made Juice

By drinking freshly made, cold-pressed juice, you are treating  yourself very well.

Ingesting raw, unprocessed nutrients

This means that no enzymes were modified by any food treatment, no vitamins were lost from high temperatures, and no amount of other micronutrients were lost in the preparation of juice.

Nourishing your body with full spectrum of nutrients

With a multi-ingredient juice, incorporating a variety of recipes and using seasonal and exotic produce, the body gets a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and many other micro-nutrients. No food colourings, no preservatives, no refined sugars, no artificial flavours, or any other added chemicals (beyond those naturally found in produce).

Keeping the body hydrated

Our bodies are 70%+ water, including our muscles. By drinking your fruits and veggies (as opposed to chewing them as solid food), you are maintaining a healthy hydration level. Read more on the importance of hydration here.

Getting instant nutrition

By excluding the pulp/fibres as is the case with a juicer, digestion time is minimal. The whole metabolic process is complete in under 45 minutes.

Not consuming any fats

With fruits and vegetables, you are not consuming any fats. Yes, fats such as mono-unsaturated fats are important for a balanced meal, however a limited-time diet such as a 3- or 7-day cleanse, is a great way to temporarily free your system from fat intake.

Adding oxygen into your system

While it is especially true after a workout when the breathing rate is still high, drinking a green juice will add plant chlorophyll in your blood and help you supply oxygen to the body through your red blood cells. Check out our green juice recipes here and here.

Consuming more veggies

With juicing, it is easier to consume that recommended 5-9 servings of veggies a day. The Dolce Vita Health recipes incorporate multiple ingredients, and with a single 500 mL juice you get a minimum of 3 servings, with most of our juice recipes listing around 5 different vegetables! Recipes are found here.

Curbing hunger pangs or desire to snack

When your body receives enough of the good stuff like vitamins and minerals, it is satisfied and does not need as much nourishment. If you consume a juice on an empty stomach, you will notice the juice truly rids your desire to eat. Replacing your midday snack with a cold-pressed juice can help satiate hunger, and even reduce cravings you thought you had. While in many ways it is mind over matter when it comes to eating, sometimes when our bodies are used to having filler food and filler calories, we desire more filler food because we think it will cure us of that craving, when in fact, it's really just our body trying to tell us we need real nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Do your body a favour and just have a cold-pressed juice!

Best Fruits and Vegetables to Juice

  • Citrus: adding vitamin C to your day is a great way to boost your immune system and add flavour. Peel the skin of the lime, lemon, orange, or grapefruit and mix with other fruits and vegetables. Try this grapefruit recipe.
  • Ginger: not only does it give a kick of freshness, it is also a great way to keep your joints and tendons healthy, and the digestion system in check. You don’t need more than a finger nail-sized piece to flavour a 500-mL juice. Ginger has a very powerful flavour!
  • Celery: this veggie alkalizes the body, and balances the body’s pH. 2 organic sticks is plenty for one juice when combined with some other veggies and fruits. Read more on celery here.
  • Zucchini: add volume of water with neutral taste to your juice. Good for hydration.
  • Berries: full of antioxidants and chemical compounds keeping your eye sight 20/20. Juice them… or eat them fresh, or maybe in a smoothie.
  • Greens: leaves such as collards, kale, spinach, watercress to add chlorophyll, iron and other minerals to your diet.

Need More Information?

Read more about juicing and our detox programs in our Frequently Asked Questions section.