Hemp Protein Powder

The hemp plant is a nutritional powerhouse you want to include more in your diet. Replace your cottage cheese and other dairy snacks with this... It's easy to add to recipes! Hemp is a great source of complete proteins, dietary fibre, and essential fatty acids. 

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Hemp is a very diverse product: its many uses include food products, textiles, building materials, bio-plastics, auto parts and more. Do not confuse hemp with marijuana as it contains only trace levels of the phychoactive chemical.

Did you know…

“The American Heart Association notes that most adults consume more protein than they need, and the association discourages high-protein diets. Foods derived from hemp seed can contribute to a healthy diet, and the USDA encourages Americans to eat plant-based foods because they may reduce the risk of many diseases.” i.e. why not use plants for food more than meats?

Facts About Hemp Protein Powder

  • Hemp is the concentrated protein remaining from the hemp bits production
  • Contains dietary fibre, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (in a healthy 3:1 ratio), and all 9 essential amino acids
  • The protein powder is produced by milling (grinding) the seed of the plant Cannabis sativa. This type of hemp is free of THC, the commonly known active ingredient in the drug marijuana (i.e., you can’t get “high” by eating hemp protein).
  • Typically there are 15 grams of protein in a 30-g dose, varying on the hemp product
  • Contains the two of the three most common protein types in the human body (globulins (edestin) and albumin)
  • In terms of dieting and weight loss, the essential fats found in hemp may reduce food cravings
  • Hemp is free of oligosaccharides so it does not cause gas and upset stomach; plus its globulin protein makes it easy to digest
  • No known allergies to hemp!

Hemp Benefits

Its claimed benefits are:

  • Increased energy/productivity
  • Improved metabolism
  • Reduced food cravings
  • Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Improved immune system

How To Use Hemp Protein Powder

  • use in shakes after a workout to for added protein and the essential fatty acids
  • add to smoothies, yogurts, baked goods, and crepes
  • sprinkle on top of cereals, salads, soups or favourite meals
  • add to cookies or muffins or other foods when you need to eat more protein
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