Stock Up On Stalks

You might have celery on your grocery list for tuna sandwiches (if you eat fish) or you might buy it for making a soup or a veggie plate. If you’re really good, you will buy it, chop it up and put it in the fridge for snacks. But if you hesitate to buy it, it’s okay. We are here to give you more reasons to grab this pretty inexpensive green friend: celery.

Top Health Benefits Of Celery Juice

  • Celery alkalizes the body, and balances the body’s pH and neutralizes acidity, helping rid of much acid from the body (A little alkaline pH is really important to fertility in fact!)
  • Hey runners and triathletes this is good news: Celery is a great hydrator and replaces electrolytes. So you can have celery juice over those sports drinks: same results minus the sugar!
  • With celery’s anti-cancer compounds, it also reduces the risk of colon and stomach cancer, lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure, often doing more for you than most medications you might be prescribed.
  • For those watching their weight: drinking celery juice reduces cravings for rich or sweet foods, helps with weight loss, reduces cellulite and puffiness by acting as a diuretic and reducing inflammation. Want to shed those post-baby pounds?  Forget the protein bars.  Drink celery juice.
  • Celery juice is calming and cooling. It has a calming effect on the entire nervous system and helps balance body temperature during extreme heat.
  • Drinking fresh celery juice also prevents constipation and reduces the risk of calcification in the body such as kidney, urinary and gall bladder stones.
  • Celery leaves are high in Vitamin A and the root is high in Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin C. It is an excellent source calcium, potassium, folic acid, essential amino acids, and phosphorous. 

How To Consume More Celery

Having fresh celery for your cold-pressed juice is an easy way to promote overall well-being. Here is an idea: celery, apple and carrot is a dynamite combo for an afternoon “snack” after a workout.

Celery is a recommended grocery item for your juices and it is part of the juice recipes during your detox!