Superfoods (part 3)

There are SO many superfoods to talk about, we decided to roll these out in a series of bit-sized posts for you. Here is Part 3 featuring nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, turmeric and açaí! See Part 1 and Part 2 for more :)

Nutritional Yeast

If you're not familiar with this powdery flakey stuff, don't get it confused with brewer’s yeast. It's not that. Popular among vegans as a great source of protein, fiber and animal-free source of vitamin B12 (essential for normal brain and nervous-system function), this superfood also has a slight hint of saltiness to it, making it really easy to eat generously. 

HAVE SOME: Combine it with cashews in a food processor and it makes a great parmesan replacement! Also add to popcorn for that cheesy-like topping. But definitely try it on your favourite salads and in pasta sauces or chilis.

Hemp Hearts

While you might find all kinds of photos of hippies and marijuana associated with this stuff online, these plant seeds contain only trace levels of stoners’ active ingredient (~0% THC). In reality, it's full of healthy fatty acids, minerals and protein. Hemp has a complete amino acid spectrum and is an easily digested protein. They have a nice light nutty taste, making them very hearty and easy to incorporate on a daily basis.

HAVE SOME: Add these babies to smoothies after a workout, on top of oatmeal, in salads, and in cereal.


India has used it for thousands of years to treat arthritis and other ailments. Before grinding turmeric up, you'll notice it looks similar to ginger in grocery stores, but also has quite a potent taste.

HAVE SOME: Use a small amount when cooking lentils, beans, free range chicken, rice dishes or wild fish.



From the Brazilian rainforest, this berry packs a ton of antioxidants like omega-3’s, making it very healthy for your brain. It is said to help boost energy levels, improve digestion, promote sleep, promote healthier and younger-looking skin and cleanse the body of toxins. While açaí berries may not be the easiest superfood to find, natural health food stores carry them in a capsule formula, as a dried fruit, as a beverage powder mix or as a ready-made drink.

HAVE SOME: Any way you can! We like to have them as a capsule before our morning smoothie.